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A year of new challenges: 2023 recap

2023 Recap bene studio

As we wave goodbye to 2023, we can’t help but reflect on a year that was as challenging as rewarding. 🍾 Despite the global economic situation, it was a period marked by significant achievements and positive developments. This reflection seems like a great opportunity to look back at the milestones we’ve achieved.

Strengthening our presence in the MedTech ecosystem

This year was pivotal in boosting our presence within the greater MedTech ecosystem. Our CEO, Balint, and COO, Aliz, have been the driving forces behind this initiative, constantly traveling between the US and Budapest to bridge our efforts. Our participation in numerous meetups and conferences in Boston, New York, and Baltimore has not only expanded our network but also solidified our position in this dynamic field. (We wrote about these events in this blog post.) A testament to our commitment in this realm is the launch of our very own event series, the ‘MedTech Happy Hour.’ This series has become a cornerstone for professionals interested in digital health, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and community building.

The MedTech Happy Hours

Insightful conversations spiced with beer and laughter: the biggest highlight of our efforts in Boston has been our MedTech Happy Hour events dedicated to professionals passionate about digital health. These gatherings have provided a platform for sharing ideas and fostering connections within the industry in a more casual and friendly format.

MedTech Happy Hour event in Boston

Another significant aspect of our involvement in the MedTech ecosystem was our active participation in various accelerator programs. We took on mentoring roles and provided support in prestigious programs such as M2D2’s IMPACT accelerator, tailored for medical devices and MedTech services, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners‘ Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and Johns Hopkins University’s Fast Forward U accelerator programs. Our engagement in these programs underlines our dedication to nurturing the next generation of MedTech innovators. By sharing our expertise in digital health services, gained over years of experience, we’re not just contributing to the growth of startups in this field, but also staying at the forefront of innovation and development in the MedTech sector.

Holding a workshop at Johns Hopkins University

Keeping up with new technologies & trends

AI and machine learning have always been a big part of what we do, but with the buzz around ChatGPT and AI’s rising popularity, we’re leaning into these areas more than ever. This isn’t new territory for us, but the growing importance of AI in the tech world means it’s playing a bigger role in our projects now. We’re constantly upping our game, learning more, and diving deeper into AI and ML. At the same time, we’re keeping up with all the latest in medical technology and regulations, educating our entire team about the unique aspects of this industry. All this knowledge helps us do an even better job for our clients, making sure we’re right on the cutting edge in our field.

Team and culture

2023 was also a year of significant growth and cultural enrichment within our team. We saw an influx of new colleagues, enriching our team with their diverse skills and perspectives. This expansion was not limited to our software engineering division; our business team too welcomed some fresh faces. Recognizing the importance of our team’s wellbeing, we introduced a private health insurance provider as a team benefit. This year was also marked by six developer workshops hosted by our team in Budapest. These workshops became a beacon for the local developer community, offering a platform to learn and grow from our experienced engineers. We focused on strengthening our team dynamics through more than 10 team-building events. Our brand new office merchandise – including t-shirts, tote bags, and hoodies – adds extra fun and a unified spirit to our workspace.

Would you like to join us in our endeavors? Good news: we are hiring! Check out what we can offer here.

Software engineering workshop in our Budapest office


Looking ahead, we are excited to carry forward this momentum into the next year. Our experiences in 2023 have set a strong foundation for future growth and innovation. We remain committed to our mission of being a leading force in the MedTech space, contributing to the improvement of digital health services.

2023 Recap bene studio

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