Ruby engineer

USA, Full-time

Have an active role in growing our currently around 30-member global digital product design and development consultancy to 100+ people. We work on diverse projects for US & EU clients, from stunning startup prototypes to large-scale systems for enterprises like the Volkswagen Group.

Excellence is important to us

This is the engine of our growth. Making growth possible, flexibility helps us in dealing with situations seeming unsolvable.

We love sharing knowledge

This is the best way to gain experience and form a terrific community. We create publications, product audits, case studies and also organize webinars and conferences.

You will

  • Join a team that stays on top with recent technologies by learning from each other
  • Work on 1 – 6 months complex diverse projects, from healthcare to real estate
  • Develop production-ready Ruby apps
  • Learn quickly and share your knowledge with the community
  • Solve problems, facing even the so-called impossible 
  • Use your creativity, empowerment and team player attitude
  • Have the possibility to work on JS engineering tasks

You should have

  • US residency
  • Solid knowledge of Ruby and SQL
  • Good understanding of OO programming, SOLID principles and Clean Code
  • Solid understanding of the full web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, cookies, asset loading, caching, REST)
  • Passion for clean, mantainable code
  • Ability to meet deadlines, work within an international environment, exchange knowledge with colleagues, and be up-to-date with new trends
  • Ability to analyze and solve programming tasks independently and proactively
  • English language knowledge

Or even get an advantage by having

  • Mobile development experience is a huge plus
  • Knowledge of test automation, CI, pipelines
  • Experience with Unit Testing, TDD, BDD
  • Knowledge of DevOps and unix skills
  • JavaScript experience, preferably React


We believe that a supportive and inspiring environment is key in helping us focus on what matters the most: solving real problems of users and delivering excellent products to our clients. This is why we apply a flexible schedule, provide stability, and all the tools to support our productivity. We are working with cutting-edge computers, phones, and software and have access to an infinite amount of top-quality educational materials.

If it is feasible, you can work remotely, at home office or from our office. We are proud of our bike, dog, and family-friendly workplace, located on the most beautiful boulevard, Andrássy, having won several prizes, including Loveable Workplace.

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