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Startup accelerators are short-term growth programs compressing a few years of growth in the span of a few months. It gives startups access to mentorships, investors, and many other forms of support to become stable companies.

HealthTech Product Accelerator by bene : studio

Focusing on the enhancement of HealthTech product design and technology the accelerator provides excellent time-efficient results.

Experts in the program can plan your entire digital product starting from concept, design, UI & UX and architectural plans with risk evaluations to clickable prototypes.


Balint Bene

Founder and CEO of bene : studio

KidsX Accelerator

KidsX is an international association of pediatric hospitals that are focused on improving digital health innovation through collaboration. An annual accelerator program is run by KidsX by pairing leading pediatric hospitals with top digital health startups.
This unique international initiative enables economical digital health transformation in pediatric care delivery by bringing KidsX hospitals together to (1) source, screen and select up-and-coming early-stage companies based on pre-defined problem statements; (2) mentor and guide entrepreneurs to create products to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients and their families; (3) support the testing of these solutions in order to validate clinical efficacy and value proposition; (4) enable the scaling of these validated solutions to hospitals globally.

Dana Le

Program Administrator at KidsX Accelerator


InnovatorMD is a healthcare innovation company, founded by Uli K. Chettipally, MD, MPH. Its main focus is to spread innovation from a physician’s perspective through written word, presentation videos, live events, and one on one consultations.

Uli Chettipally

Founder of InnovatorMD

German Accelerator

German Accelerator is an accelerator focused on empowering German startups to scale globally through fast-paced learning in leading international innovation hubs. Over 300 startups with $4.9 billion in funding have graduated from the GA programs since launching in 2012.

Edgar John Vogt

Company Scout at German Accelerator

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